Hey, my name is Darius Salehipour.

I am currently an advertising student in San Francisco.


A technophile from a very young age, I like to think of myself as an Internet Baby, not crying over it, but growing up and evolving quickly with it. Gadgets and inner-workings have always fascinated and inspired me to learn and teach myself what I know about them today. When I’m not engaged in my computer, I’m out long boarding and/or talking with friends. 

Advertising is a major asset to companies, organizations, and individuals who need to spread their message or tell their story. It’s now in a digital world of multi-surfaces, some without any visual interface at all, which can allow greater engagement and diversity of communication. I believe 3D implementation is essential to stay ahead and progress the connection of brand and market. 3D design, most importantly, is revolutionizing advertising, and creating a new age of art.

Having worked in a CGI internship with Toshiba, I am motivated to learn to apply 3D design in to advertising. 
I am currently managing and updating a site for a design association at the Academy of Art University.
You can find it here Client86.com.

Send me a message at D@DesignerDarius.com, and I’ll be sure to send one back!